PPC Stage
design event stand

PPC Stage design event booth Thinking through an island stage of 200 square meters is always a big challenge. Especially when we are located in the main axis of the main hall of an industry leading trade show and want to keep up with other big industry players. With PPC, we have planned a floor…

BOSS Real Estate
interior architecture

BOSS Real Estate interior architecture In a commercial building in Fislisbach, we fully designed the interior of the new BOSS Real Estate location and supported the project during the implementation. It was our aim to design the rooms functionally and to create a pleasant working environment with an exciting design language, high-quality materials, appealing colors,…

interior architecture

E_Space interior architecture The combination of workplace and living space; framed in wood. An existing, already completed flat was the starting point, a fully integrated element construction was our approach to recreate this individual apartment extension to one harmonic unit. A perfectly coordinated lighting and audio concept completes the minimalist interior design and creates a…

Monsters’ Garage
interior architecture

Monsters’ Classic Car Garage interior architecture In the Monsters’ Garage, a car hotel for old Ford Mustang and other exclusive classics, we were able to design a ‘bar / lounge and grill corner’. We deliberately used metallic, authentic materials, exciting color combinations and decorative elements but still adding a modern touch in terms of shape…


Weinbaugenossenschaft Schinznach showcase design We have implemented an exciting showcase design for the WGS winery in Schinznach. A fully backlight acrylic surface with applied logo and appropriately arranged empty wine bottles in different colors. A coherent concept, implemented with focus on details.

interior architecture

I.S.R. interior architecture On the I.S.R. we redesigned the interior of the house. The starting point was an old courtyard from 1888 which needed renovation. ‘Contemporary architecture without denying its roots’ was our credo. With multi-floor airspace, we achieved a pleasant light and exciting living situation. Many details resulted from the existing structure and new…

design + creation terminal

droid design + creation terminal A slim silhouette combined with exciting edges and contours – the information terminals for the FHNW locations in Basel and Olten are functional and visual focal points in public spaces. Via integrated touchpads current events and job offers of the next Career Services are made digitally accessible.

architecture/design event stand

agora18 architecture/design event stand A transportation of the ancient world to the present. A giant front gate, various stations following an informative circuit and resulting in the heart of the marketplace, surrounded by transparency and inviting accessibility. The Agora as a monumental center of the fair with discreet inbuilt details and fascinating contours. Following our…

interior architecture

FAHR-Winecellar interior architecture With the design of the wine cellar and wine club we were able to put a special emphasis on the new restaurant FAHR. For this purpose, we have combined coarse-structured materials such as concrete-coated panels, raw and black stained fir and massive oak with fractal shapes to create an adequate ambience. All…

light architecture

FAHR-Illumination Licht-Architektur For the “Fahrhalle” (main dining room) in the new restaurant FAHR, we developed a light concept together with professional planners and built circular light fixtures with diameters of up to four meters. With exciting spline details and a slightly playful, harmonious formation, the modules emphasize the high-quality architecture of the tall room and…

furniture design

reflector furniture We designed two harmonic matching furniture pieces for a private apartment – a centerboard as well as a reflector. The reflector comes with an applied glass screen and an integrated projector, displaying media contents through a mirror onto the main surface. The sculpture is a beautiful design element even if not in operation,…

design menu board

FAHR-Menu design menu board Specially designed menu cards for the Restaurant FAHR, with a clipping mechnism for lunch- and a folding system for the dinner menus. Both types are made of acrylic glass with a fascinating matt versus glossy contrasts and engraved oak inlays. We focussed on specific details to find a perfect compromise between…

design event stand

PRIME-FRAME design event stand A coherent, frame-like structure with different layers forms exciting perspectives and areas for branding and presentation content. Impressive views open up on the rear and inner sides, containing space for meeting and storage areas embedded in the platform. Animated contents on glass act as a focal point adjacent to the stunning…

interior architektur

BOSS-Office interior-architecture Using the new visual identity of the BOSS Real Estate AG we created an interior concept for the companies new offices. Corporate colors and matching furniture, combined with a large 3D-logo on the main approaching wall are forming a harmonic combination among the rooms. Custom-made sideboards are well assembled, standing next to a…

design event stand

PRIME design event stand A fascinating combination of solid structure and transparency resulted in an extremely attracting event platform. Crossing angles in all dimensions resulted in a challenging construction concept, but provided the aimed decorative and functional effect. A very successful project implemented at the EUW event in Vienna.

design + creation terminal

warp design + creation terminal Sculptural shapes are defining this ergonomic information terminal with matching brochure stand. It is equipped with an impressive large, curved screen and a multifunctional custom-made touchpad. The exterior is a combination of futuristic shapes and high-quality materials, matt black lacquering and natural wooden veneer. A demanding structure that required a…

product design + prototyping

Ormazabal product design + prototyping We supported the Ormazabal Group in the development process of a new product line. We designed a housing concept for various communications- and measurement solutions used in energy distribution networks. The modular and subtle design suits the companies corporate identity. Considering the technical requirements we developed and visualised a system…

design booth elements (Zühlke)

interface15 design booth elements (Zühlke) The extremely light multimedia event booth consists of a multiple folding backwall with integrated 55″ screen. An LED lightbox is forming the top positioned branding spot. The embedded iPad enables the cube desk as control center for the content on the backwall screen while an LED lightbox is enlightening the…

PRIME + Ormazabal
brochure holder design

PRIME + Ormazabal brochure holder design Custom made brochure holdes for PRIME Alliance and the Ormazabal Group. The windows are perfectly aligned to the brochure layouts of the two companies. The plain design was chosen on purpose, allowing us to focus on precise details. We used glossy, colored acrylic glass as base material, overlaid with…

wall canvas

flower-trilogy wall canvas A private customer asked us to reproduce a individual flower design applied as a wall art element. With special post-production and by using diverse backgrounds we printed the final graphics on glass. A custom made framing with a brass profile in three parts resulted in the aimed visual impression.

signage (Westlink)

GGA-west signage at Westlink A large complex high-rise building construction versus dozens of companies – not an easy task to create a signalization concept meeting all involved stakeholders requirements. Multiple entrances, three street-addresses, logistics ramps, two independent floor numbering systems, car/train/foot/truck visitors to be guided are just some of the challenges at the trendy ‘westlink’…

design reception/whiteboards

zühlke design reception and whiteboards The self-reception desk is aligned to the building architecture and the interior building-signage concept. It unifies glass (in black enameled) & chromium steel and comes with a seamless embedded, high-glossy lacquered phone with automatic dial function. The whiteboard panels are writable and painted with metallic pigments for the use of…